Why I love Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework

Stories sell for the same reason that box offices can get away with charging $20+ for movies. People love a great story. In most indigenous cultures, the language, traditions, dances, and rituals were all passed down verbally, and many of these oral traditions were centered around stories...


Have you met Bri? Bri Leever (yup, best name EVER!) is the founder of Ember Consulting and her specialty is teaching her clients how to utilize and cultivate COMMUNITY to enhance their customer experience. In this episode, Bri shares how her personal and professional experiences have culminated to lead her to start her business, and why she believes community is an essential component of any business!

Beta Launches for Online Courses are essentially the way that you can test your proof of concept! Rather than creating a prototype of a physical product, you’re testing your course from top to bottom on a small group of people who agree to experience the course, share feedback, and be part of the creation process. 

Movement is crucial not only to our overall health and wellness, but to our productivity, happiness, and ultimately to our success as entrepreneurs! Most of us spend several hours at a time sitting at our desks. That's just the nature of the biz, but that doesn't mean we can't also implement some mindful movement and self-care throughout the day!

So you're thinking of starting a business, launching a course, creating a new product...and the first thing you need is a website, right?!


This episode dives into why you do NOT need a website and what you DO need instead!

Paul N. Larsen is an speaker, coach, and author of his book and signature program: Find Your V.O.I.C.E. as a leader. My friendship with Paul began the day he reached out to inquire about design services. A client who quickly became a treasured friend and mentor, Paul has shared his talents, wisdom, energy, and love with our Course Creator communities in so many ways.  

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