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  • Utilize your expertise, gifts, and knowledge to generate residual income?
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  • Surround yourself with a community of heart-led entrepreneurs?
  • Receive individual support and expert guidance from 7 Coaches in the Content Creation, Mindset, Design, Community, Marketing, and Online Business space?

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January 10 - February 28, 2022
Mondays 8:00-9:30am HST









WEEK 1: 
Set Up & Inner Work

Self confidence
Finding your voice
Stepping into the spotlight
Being vulnerable & authentic
Mission statement 
Vision statement 

Guest Coach: Arliss

WEEK 2: 
Branding & Site Outline

Get crystal clear on your branding (logo, colors, typography, mood board) and create a full site outline. Just these two exercises alone will make the rest of the design process easy, fast, and fun!

Guest Coach: Paul

WEEK 3: 
Design Basics

Learn the foundational techniques and design principles to create stunning, custom website design on Kajabi. Start with the homepage and apply your design across your entire website.

Guest Coach: Geralyn

WEEK 4: 
Website Build 1

Weeks 4 and 5 focus primarily on the build-out of your website and course. The strategies you learn here can be rinsed and repeated for every page and course you create in the future!

WEEK 5: 
Website Build 2

We'll bust the myth that building a website and online course is a long and difficult process. You'll create a beautiful digital space with ease and joy, and can proudly share it with your audience and communities!

WEEK 6: 
Awesome UX

UX is "tech talk" for User Experience, and this is a huge part of creating an impactful and conversion-friendly digital space. We'll guide you through strategies to optimize your UX on your website and in your courses.

Guest Coach: TBD

WEEK 7: 
Promotion Strategy

Leverage the power of a free offer (mini course, PDF download, special offer) and an impactful email welcome campaign to build your list! Integrate your Kajabi website with your Social Media platforms.

Guest Coach: Nicky T.

WEEK 8: 
Celebration & Design Showcase

You've worked hard and it's time to celebrate! 🎉 Week 8 features a celebration, design showcase, and next steps to stay connected and keep the momentum going!

Guest Coach: The Squad

Save Your Spot!

"Teaching is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

- S O C R A T E S


SUPERPOWER: Branding, Website and Course Design

With a background in branding and web design, Pua has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners create branded and conversion and transformation-focused websites, online courses, and membership sites.


SUPERPOWER: Self-Confidence and Finding Your Voice

#1 International Best-Selling Author, Business Consultant, and Self Love Coach Arliss is an inspirational speaker and self-love movement leader. Her awarding⁠ winning presentations include topics on extreme self-love and body positivity. Arliss a big⁠ believer in the magic of our individual stories and the power of storytelling to affect positive⁠ change in this world.⁠


SUPERPOWER: Lifestyle & Brand Photography & Videography

Ger specializes in lifestyle and brand photography and has a natural talent for capturing the pure joy and human soul in her photos. She also deeply understands the e-learning space and will share tips and tricks to capture great photo and video for your courses and website!


SUPERPOWER: Community-Centric Design

With an incredibly diverse background, Bri serves her audience by guiding them to leverage the power of community to enhance the buyers' experience and generate lasting brand loyalty. Learn to activate your top super fans to turn them into a community of advocates for your organization.


SUPERPOWER: Course Creator to Published Author

From a paralysis diagnosis to running a marathon, this former 7-figure real estate mogul turned business coach has a wealth of knowledge to share...and the most incredible game plan for each of our summit attendees to take intentional, bold action following the summit!


SUPERPOWER: Banishing Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism

As an Impostor Syndrome survivor, Paul has learned to tame his fake and fraud voice and has successfully coached hundreds of leaders and teams to celebrate their Impostor and find their voice of confidence so that they share their inspiration with others.


SUPERPOWER: Conversion-Driven Copywriting for Websites & Courses

Emily started her copywriting writing business in 2016 and since then, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs tell their stories and connect with their people online. Originally from the East Coast, Emily lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i with her cat and creative muse Malu. She strives to live by the words - "Feel the Fear, and do it anyway."

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